Moments: Study & Slice — A Very Studious Pizza Party

Welcome to The JuicePress’ photo series: Moments. In this series, JuicePress photographers share their unique observations and perspectives of a vibrant campus life, from events on campus and around the community to special daily moments and interactions.

By Ethan Celestino

The Juice House team kicked off a mid-semester campus event in a savory way! On Thursday, Nov. 3, when most students were preparing for midterm exams, Juice House held a “Study & Slice” pizza party to support students during a stressful time of the semester. Students who studied in the Carlson Library for at least an hour between 8 p.m. and 11:30 p.m. were rewarded with a free slice of pizza—a very large slice. And this wasn’t your regular slice of cheese or pepperoni pizza. Students were given a choice of one of four unique flavors:  Mediterranean, Margherita, Hawaiian or Spicy Greens. Not only did the event help students foster good study habits, but also encouraged students to take the time to create closer connections with those around them. While taking a break from studying, students were able to socialize with other students and with Juice House members.

1. Juice House’s booth promoting their different activities.
2. Students engaging with Juice House members as they await their hot slice of pizza.
3. Pizza Prep!
4. Making new friends.
5. Fresh basil for the Margherita pizza.
6. Students exploring Juice House’s booth.

Like what you see? Join Juice House for our next “Study & Slice” event during finals week on Tuesday, December 12th from 8p.m. – 11:30 p.m. at the Carlson Library. Place your order here!