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Happy Earth Day: Earth Fest

Earth Fest was recently celebrated on campus under the Student Union Pavilion on Thursday, April 18 in honor of Earth Day on April 22.

Moments: Study & Slice — A Very Studious Pizza Party

Welcome to The JuicePress’ photo series: Moments. In this series, JuicePress photographers share their unique observations and perspectives of a vibrant campus life, from events on campus and around the community to special daily moments and interactions.

White Bread and Beyond: The Complexities of the Midwest’s Bread Culture

Nothing seems more Midwestern than white bread. But take a deeper dive into the delights that flour, water and yeast can yield, and you’ll...

Tracing the Path of Inclusion: A Historical Overview of Disability in Toledo, Ohio

The history of disability in Toledo, Ohio, is a narrative of resilience, advocacy and progress. Over the years, the city and its institutions, including...

Study & Slice Pizza Night

THE JUICEPRESS NEWSLETTER Juice House Food & Social “Blend” Partners with UToledo Carlson Library to Fuel Your Studies  Juice House’s Food & Social "Blend" is a...

Deep Learning With MATLAB

THE JUICEPRESS NEWSLETTER Juice House’s iCode “Blend” is Bringing an Industrial Leader in Mathematical Computation to Present AI Applications on Medical Imaging Data Juice House’s iCode...