Restoration and Renewed Connection for Toledo’s Riverfront

Following an industrial past, the banks of the Maumee River are a burgeoning hot spot for revitalization and development. Metroparks Toledo and other groups are working to rejuvenate the riverfront through projects that renovate infrastructure, protect nature and connect communities.

The Riverwalk is a multi-year endeavor led by Metroparks Toledo that has three project areas: Glass City Metropark, International Park and downtown Toledo. The first of three construction phases is complete, including the Glass City Metropark, which opened in Dec. 2020.

Connectivity is a major focus of the Riverwalk. The trails will not only connect parks and investments completed in recent years but also the neighborhoods that are in the Riverwalk’s vicinity, many of which historically housed working class families employed by nearby industries: East Toledo, Garfield and Birmingham on the east side and Vistula District, Downtown, Warehouse District and Middlegrounds on the downtown side. New developments and additional green space spurred by the Riverwalk, especially on the east side of the river, could mean opportunity for renewed interest in oft-forgotten neighborhoods struggling with high poverty and crime rates.

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